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The pages below have been developed since the onset of Covid 19 (March 2020) in an attempt to compensate for the lack of the group's activities until we are again able to meet for our fungi walks. Their purpose is to encourage all members to go out looking for fungi anywhere in the county and send in their photos to share here.

Rare or common, identified or not, it doesn't matter! We will name them for you if we can (but don't expect names for everything you send in!) and if suitable your photos will be included together with some basic identification notes to (a) help others learn to recognise more species and (b) reflect what is fruiting at the moment, hence what members could expect to be finding in their local patch.

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE! Just email your photos (without reducing image size) to Penny; you should include the site and date of your find together with any other points of interest such as substrate and habitat.


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To go to BARRY WEBB'S SLIME MOULD photos click HERE

Looking for an image of a particular fungus not yet included on the pages above? Try clicking on 'Find a fungus image'. We have hundreds of fungus photographs to share with you, some of species hard to track down in reference books, some with excellent microscopic details illustrated as well.