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The gill edge cells and spores of
Inocybe cincinnata
magnified x 400 (PC)


This page is an extension of our Microscope Workshop Weekend, July 2022, when the various information handouts prepared for that event were well received and the idea of making them available online was welcomed. The information below is very much a 'work in progress' and is likely to be amended / extended. We plan to add a gallery of micro-images at some stage. If members have ideas / requests for other useful information we could include here, please contact Penny.

Key to Crepidotus + line drawings (Jan 2023) New

Microscope Workshop - getting started with a microscope (PC 09.09.2022)

Microscope Workshop - some general tips (07.09.2022)

Pennys' advice on drying fungi (Sept 2022)

Pennys' basic details for some common mushroom genera (July 2022)

Table of Agaric genera and their cystidia (PC July 2022)